Monday, May 31, 2010

15mm DBA Camps

DBA is one of my favorite games and accessorizing the armies with camps is part of the fun. Baueda Wargames makes some very nice camp kits. A few months ago I finished two of the camps I had gotten at some previous HMGS convention and decided to show them off here. I am also including a camp of my own design that was made from the Hirst Arts small brick mold.

Baueda DBA3 Roman Marching Camp

Baueda DBA4 Egyptian Camp

Stone Wall Camp - My design using Hirst Arts Small Brick mold


Monday, May 24, 2010


Temple of Fire

I recently discovered the PyMapper program on the internet. When the tile packs for D&D were released several years ago, a fan created a Java based mapping program that was posted on the WotC web site. I really liked the program because I could tell it how many sets I own and it would keep track of the tiles I used to make the maps and then I could print the tile manifest for game preparation. Support for the program fell off and when new tile sets were released they weren't made available for the mapping program. PyMapper is another fan supported mapping program and a Yahoo group was created to distribute the files and provide a mechanism for feedback. The group can be found here: PyMapper Group.


PyMapper Interface

Pymapper can do all the things I like about the other program and then some. The interface is easy to use and fairly intuitive. Best of all the tile sets are up to date and now match what I currently own. If you have a need for this type of program you can't beat it, especially since it is FREE!



Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pulp Figures Re-Based

  My first completed goal of 2010 is G14 Re-Base Pulp Figs. The last few months have been full of life's little surprises and the coming months are expected to be the same, so gaming and goal progress have been left behind a little, but not completely. With Doc Merkury's help and a little midnight oil I have managed to make significant progress on some of the bigger goals for this year. I comissioned Doc Merkury to paint my late war German platoon and he has already returned them to me painted and I have mounted them all on bases. All that is left to do is finish the bases and apply a dull coat and that goal will be completed as well. To be honest that was the one goal I was worried about the most. Several other goals have seen limited progress and I expect to finish the year with everything at 100%.
  Between now and the end of the year I have a major home renovation planned which includes dismantling my current gaming and work space, but if everything goes as planned I will gain a purpose built gaming space that should never have to be moved for any reason barring disaster or work relocation.
  I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to reading everyone's blogs when I get a few minutes in the evening. Take care and happy gaming :-)