Saturday, November 28, 2009

Skulls & Barrels & Chests Oh My Or What I have Been Working on the Past Two Weeks

A couple of weeks ago I needed something to work on that I could do while on the road. Miniatures don't do well for me on the road, but the boxes, crates, doors, skulls and sacks I had cast from my Hirst Arts molds would fit the bill. I only got snippets of time here and there, but I just put the final dull coat on today and here they all are. All of this stuff is for my dungeon layout, but a good bit can be used in many other games including Where Heroes Dare!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

News: SuperSystem 3rd Edition Released

It looks like SuperSystem 3rd Edition has been released by Four-Color Figures. More info here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where Heroes Dare! Encounter Miniatures

With the release of Iron Ivan's 'Where Heroes Dare!', I have been trying to gather together various components of the game. I'm a little behind on painted character models and vehicles because pulp gaming is fairly new for me, but while reading the rule book I noted that I already have many of the encounter miniatures as well as a pool for more fantastic encounters from my D&D Minis collection. Below are pictures of those encounter miniatures I have dug out of my D&D Minis collection and more are certainly possible given the varied and extensive playscape of pulp gaming. I also found an 'Egyptian Toob' from Michael's I had laying around. Maybe these examples will spark further ideas in my contemporaries or at least expose them to another source of pulp gaming pieces.

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Large Rat, Rat Swarm, Goblins (Pygmies), Bat, Werewolf, Horse, Bat, Wild Cat, Komodo Dragon, Badger and Spider Swarm.

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Large Hawk, Large Lion, Panther, Large Tiger, Large Spider #1, Large Spider #2

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Scarab Beetle Swarm, Large Serpent, Large Cobra, Large Centipede and Snake Swarm

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Cat Man and Cultists x 3

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Large Robot, Shambler, Robot

These just look like something guarding a tomb or maybe something that comes alive in a museum.

Egyptian Toob from Michael's. These items look like something from the Cairo Museum.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Latest Aquisition

I have been looking for 28mm shipping containers for various scenarios and general background terrain for some time and there isn't much to choose from. Basically you can make card stock versions or Rackham makes a few for their AT-43 range. Recently I realized O scale model trains are around 1:48 scale and the intermodal shipping containers looked like they would fit the bill. I purchased 14 containers from Ebay and just opened them tonight. I believe they will work just fine.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

D&D In my Hirst Arts Dungeon

... Speaking of Hirst Arts and having read Dr. Merkury's comment on a Wolfenstein game, I decided to post some pictures of a D&D game from a while ago at our local game store, Six Feet Under Games. Dr. M, let me know if this is enough dungeon material for a game .....

I created a group of modular tiles for larger rooms. The extras really make a difference, but don't they always. One example layout with the pieces available.

The adventurers approach carefully.

The spiral staircase entrance.

 The altar room.

 The crypt.

 The cell block. And ... a block trap. Ooooh nice!

 Doh, and another one. This time it got someone.

 This can't be good!

A rolling boulder trap like in Indiana Jones.

 Bar fight!

 Another entrance or tansition piece with a well.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mythical Mayan Temple by JBMallus

I have been a long time Hirst Arts fan and recently went on the Hirst Arts discussion board to do some catching up. I happen to notice a Mayan Temple designed and built by JBMallus and was sufficiently impressed enough that I had to share it here. The original posting is here with a much better picture. This would make an excellent Pulp center piece amongst other things.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello World

... And another blogger is born.