Saturday, December 11, 2010

Matakishi's Tea House

  So I was doing a little surfing and came accross Matakishi's Tea House. This person has a bunch of very well built terrain and painted miniatures. If nothing else it serves as a great resource and inspiration. There are detailed instructions on building many of the terrain pieces for those interested. Of particular interest to myself are the inner city, waterfront and Carentan buildings as well as an excellent article on converting toys into technicals for modern conflicts.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

TSC Toys for Modern Wargames

  We visited a Tractor Supply over the weekend and I scored one of their toy sets that included crates, trucks, fork lift, pallets and a loading dock. I think the scale of the package is mostly 1:43, but I think the items will work fine for SuperSystem and Zombie games.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

28mm Heroclix Minis For SuperSystem

  The "G06 - Base HeroClix Minis" goal is now complete. Actually these aren't all HeroClix minis, but most of them are. I have about half of the stats available and as soon as I finish those off I'll be ready to host a game.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wiz War

  This past week has seen plays from two different dungeon games from the early eighties. Talk about a blast from the past. Last night I got to play Wiz War for the first time. Brother Al over at RavenFeast's Mead Hall was responsible for the game introduction and equipment.
  Those of you familiar with the game might find it humorous that I started my first game somewhat defensibly by dropping blocks and other blockages at different access points to my home base and one of the other wizards came over and sealed me in my own little corner of the dungeon by creating a wall at just the right place so that I was trapped. I didn't get any teleports, destroy walls or any decent damage spells to knock any of the walls down and spent the rest of the game watching from my tomb. :-)
  We managed to get in two games and I got a little more play time on the second game. I had an excellent time and many thanks to our hosts.