Monday, October 29, 2012


The donjon web site is a fantastic rpg resource. Not only will the site generate a fully stocked dungeon with the size and level specifics you provide, but it will do so for several different versions of D&D as well as generic fantasy too. The generated dungeon material can be downloaded as a nice pdf package once the desired results are obtained. What an awesome FREE resource. Cudos to the donjon folks!


Dungeon created as a result of the settings above.
Example dungeon and room description for the dungeon above.

There are other generators that are handy for several genres of rpgs, not just fantasy. The person or persons responsible for this site have been doing it for quite a while and as a result, many of the offerings are quite polished and offer lots of variety.



Woo Hoo! Phantom Leader Coming to IOS

Phantom Leader is coming to IOS! I thought I was going to have to wait until next year for the re-print. I am checking the app store daily now. I hope this does extremely well and Dan Versen Games will decide to release other games as well. If they are listening, at least all the Leader and Commander series games please. As soon as I can get my hands on it and play, I will post something.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Dungeon - New Version Coming

A new version of my favorite childhood game is due to be released very soon. I have already pre-ordered three copies. I intend to give my nephews the same opportunity I had as a child for such memories. This is one of those games that, judged all by itself, would not rate very high in my book, but because of the theme and the memories it is still a favorite. I even still play the game from time-to-time with my nephews and since finding a solo scenario recently I have even played by myself too. I highly recommend playing this with any youngster who shows an interest in this type of game.


Friday, October 5, 2012


I can't believe I haven't written about ZunTzu ( in the past. I really like this program. It allows people to create and share digitized version of games by re-creating the components in a virtual environment. If you have heard of Vassal, it is much the same idea without the automation. Game box creation is pretty easy once you understand what is going on.
I have completed a Star Trek Deck Building Game Box, a Field Commander Rommel Game Box and a play-test Game Box for Battle of the Bulge.
Star Trek Deck Building Game
With some imagination, I believe this platform could be used to play skirmish miniatures games as well. I have been wanting to try this idea With Battletech and Where Heroes Dare. Maybe that will be a project for this winter.
The program's creator has announced an iPad version expected sometime late this year. I will likely give this new version a go when it is available. I am actually pacing in anticipation, but am trying to remain calm. :-)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Banners on the Cheap

You may have noticed the playing surface we used on our X- Wing game. It is actually a banner printed from images taken by Hubble. A company named Banners on the Cheap ( prints banners using all sorts of images. They even make roleplaying maps. The 4' x 4' banners I purchased cost $22 plus about $6 for shipping. I have ordered a total of four of these play mats. So far my experience with this company has been very positive and I highly recommend them.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FFG Star Wars Dice App

To go along with Fantasy Flight's Roleplaying and Miniatures games is a dice rolling app for iOS and Android devices. The dice roller supports other roleplaying games with a generic set of multi-sided dice as well. There are all kind of sounds and backgrounds to go along with the dice rolling, but for $4.99 I expect a few extras. In general I think this price is high for an app of this type, but they did an excellent job and it really helps set the atmosphere for X-Wing games.


Monday, October 1, 2012

X-Wing Released

Fantasy Flight Games has released a Star Wars themed ship combat game with rules similar to Wings of War. Each ship can have various attachments and pilot abilities which give it varying point values. Each player creates a force of the specified point size. All manner of space accessories can be added to the play surface to create any scenario imagined.

Initial ship choices are limited. An X-Wing and two Tie Fighters come with the base set and additional X-Wing and Tie Fighters can be purchased as well as Tie Advanced and Y-Wing ships. The Millenium Falcon, Slave 1, A-Wing and Tie Interceptor ships will be in the next wave of ships offered.

We have played three games so far and certainly recognize the huge potential this game offers. Each game was quite fun as well. I think we'll get lots of mileage out of this one.