Monday, May 24, 2010


Temple of Fire

I recently discovered the PyMapper program on the internet. When the tile packs for D&D were released several years ago, a fan created a Java based mapping program that was posted on the WotC web site. I really liked the program because I could tell it how many sets I own and it would keep track of the tiles I used to make the maps and then I could print the tile manifest for game preparation. Support for the program fell off and when new tile sets were released they weren't made available for the mapping program. PyMapper is another fan supported mapping program and a Yahoo group was created to distribute the files and provide a mechanism for feedback. The group can be found here: PyMapper Group.


PyMapper Interface

Pymapper can do all the things I like about the other program and then some. The interface is easy to use and fairly intuitive. Best of all the tile sets are up to date and now match what I currently own. If you have a need for this type of program you can't beat it, especially since it is FREE!




  1. Thanks for the nice write-up on PyMapper. It's nice to see people using it. Nice map too. :)


  2. You need to update this. Not only does the PyMapper site no longer exist, but that Yahoo group no longer shares tiles.

  3. Anon - you really need to do your research - Pymapper is alive and kicking and teh group is still very much active.

  4. As far as I can tell, the PyMapper program is still active and the yahoo group is still going. There are some files for non-members under 'links' the other files are in the members section.

  5. If you need tile sets, there is a collection here: