Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fantasy Rules! 3: 1000 Pt Hill Dwarf Army

  I have several armies at or near completion for Fantasy Rules! 3. I built these armies from the abundance of D&D miniatures I have collected over the years and some odds and ends from other fanstasy games like Mage Knight. In this entry I am showcasing Hill Dwarves. Drow, Orc, goblin and Elven armies are not too far off. The Human, Reptilian and Undead armies have not been started yet. Some of these armies are for generic fantasy play and others are purpose built for the day when I recreate the wars of Middle Earth. Enjoy ....


Earth Shaman with Earth Elementals

Badger Swarm, Elite Handweapons, Fanatic Werebears

Ethereal Ancestors



Heavy Artillery

Griffon Light Cavalry

Army Roster

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

28mm WWII Late War German Grenadiers

  I have finished my next 2010 goal "G01 - DH&C7B German Platoon". Doc M. painted them and I based them. I think they turned out pretty nice.

Command Section

Rifle Squad 1, Rifle Section

Rifle Squad 1, LMG Section

Rifle Squad 2, Rifle Section

Rifle Squad 2, LMG Section

Company Support: Panzerschrek Team x 2

Company Support: HMG Section and Heavy Mortar Team

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ultimate Computer Based Gaming Table or I gotta Have One Of These

  Some ingenious role players took computer based game play aids like I have mentioned in recent posts and built an awesome gaming table. I gotta get one of these. Check out the video ....

There are other examples of similar setups on the internet. There is a portable version that is very nice if you need portability. Check out the video for this version ...


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RPTools MapTool

   MapTool is part of the RPTools suite of game play aids. This software allows gamers to share a game session over a network (including the internet). The possibilities are immense. With a little preparation on the GM's side, any map and encounter graphics can be used in the software with fog of war and line of sight built in. Whether the players live on opposite sides of the world or one player can't make it because it is their turn to watch the kids tonight, this software or something like it may play a role in the future of gaming. I have missed out on many gaming sessions because of long term work assignments and would have appreciated a setup like this so I could have participated.
  It is interesting to note that it appears most people who use the software are roleplaying. I would like to experiment with miniature gaming as well. With some modifications I think a setup like this could work with games like Where Heroes Dare! and Battletech.

MapTool with Temple of Fire Map

  It was easy enough to import my Temple of Fire map into the sofware. Any graphics software can be used to make maps or tokens, but there are several editors purpose built for making maps of this nature and many of them are free on the internet.
  One person hosts the session and the other players join the session on their computers or a two computer setup could be used for  regular gaming session where the the GM has the 'Master' computer and the other players use the 'Player' computer. Typically in this last example a projector is used so all players can see the game board on the playing surface instead of all crowding around one computer monitor.

  I look forward to seeing what role programs like this will play in the future of our hobby.