Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fantasy Rules! 3: 1000 Pt Hill Dwarf Army

  I have several armies at or near completion for Fantasy Rules! 3. I built these armies from the abundance of D&D miniatures I have collected over the years and some odds and ends from other fanstasy games like Mage Knight. In this entry I am showcasing Hill Dwarves. Drow, Orc, goblin and Elven armies are not too far off. The Human, Reptilian and Undead armies have not been started yet. Some of these armies are for generic fantasy play and others are purpose built for the day when I recreate the wars of Middle Earth. Enjoy ....


Earth Shaman with Earth Elementals

Badger Swarm, Elite Handweapons, Fanatic Werebears

Ethereal Ancestors



Heavy Artillery

Griffon Light Cavalry

Army Roster