Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wiz War

  This past week has seen plays from two different dungeon games from the early eighties. Talk about a blast from the past. Last night I got to play Wiz War for the first time. Brother Al over at RavenFeast's Mead Hall was responsible for the game introduction and equipment.
  Those of you familiar with the game might find it humorous that I started my first game somewhat defensibly by dropping blocks and other blockages at different access points to my home base and one of the other wizards came over and sealed me in my own little corner of the dungeon by creating a wall at just the right place so that I was trapped. I didn't get any teleports, destroy walls or any decent damage spells to knock any of the walls down and spent the rest of the game watching from my tomb. :-)
  We managed to get in two games and I got a little more play time on the second game. I had an excellent time and many thanks to our hosts.

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