Friday, October 5, 2012


I can't believe I haven't written about ZunTzu ( in the past. I really like this program. It allows people to create and share digitized version of games by re-creating the components in a virtual environment. If you have heard of Vassal, it is much the same idea without the automation. Game box creation is pretty easy once you understand what is going on.
I have completed a Star Trek Deck Building Game Box, a Field Commander Rommel Game Box and a play-test Game Box for Battle of the Bulge.
Star Trek Deck Building Game
With some imagination, I believe this platform could be used to play skirmish miniatures games as well. I have been wanting to try this idea With Battletech and Where Heroes Dare. Maybe that will be a project for this winter.
The program's creator has announced an iPad version expected sometime late this year. I will likely give this new version a go when it is available. I am actually pacing in anticipation, but am trying to remain calm. :-)


  1. For skirmish miniature games, you might be better served by a similar (but cross-platform) program called Battlegrounds Gaming Engine, or BGE for short (

    You might also prefer it for normal boardgames and wargames, due to its ease of use in creating digital game conversions. No XML-editing or scripting is involved.

    The only "catch" is that, unlike Zuntzu, it's not a free program. Licenses start at $15, but there is a free Demo available for download so that you can try it out and see if it meets your needs.