Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pictures From Germany & France

Last week I visited parts of France and Germany and thought I would share a few pictures of our trip. The week was mostly spent exploring the Christmas Markets of the area as well as sampling the cuisine. Every meal was a treat and the sites were very memorable.

Colmar France(2 Pics): Examples of the 'Little Venice' area during the holiday season.

Stuttgart Germany(2 Pics): An example of a Christmas Market

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany: Hohenzollern Castle is the ancestral seat of the Prussian Kings and German Emperors as well as the Swabian branch of the Princes of Hohenzollern. It ranks among Europe’s most famous and popular castles. The stunning panorama of the picturesque landscape has already been admired by Emperor William II. (1859-1941) who visited the castle several times and is said to have uttered “the view from up here is truly worth a voyage”. -

 Strasbourg France(2 Pics): The cathedral is awe inspiring and the riverwalk is breathtaking ......

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  1. Great pictures Ben! Still would like to see what's left of Himmler's castle, Wewelsburg: