Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fantasy Rules! 3: 1000 Pt Drow Army

  A continuation of the pre-painted fantasy armies I have been working on. I finished these up a few weeks ago and just recently had a chance to post the results. I believe these are all D&D minis miniatures based in particular for Fantasy Rules!, but will work for HOTT as well. Enjoy ...

Roper, Beholder and Spider Swarm

Arachnomancer and Mind Flayer

Lizard Rider Light Cavalry

Elite Scorpion Clan Handweapons

Mixed Handweapons

  Not real heavy on numbers, but overwhelming on magic. We'll see how they fair in a future entry.


  1. Haven't played Chipco in a long time, do you have enough for 2 sides yet? ;)

  2. Yes. I have at least 1000pts of orcs and goblins ready in addition to what is already on here. I am finishing up 1500pts of orcs and goblins for a photo shoot. Maybe we can get a week night game going.

    Thanks for stopping by Doc. :-)