Monday, November 29, 2010

12mm MechWarrior Minis for Battletech

(4) Hatchetman - Left, (1) Black Hawk - Middle, (3) Zues - Right

  It has been a while since any goals have been completed and I will be (have been) rushing to complete what I can before the end of the year. I have finally finished the "G03 - Base MechWarrior Minis" goal. I have found another set of MechWarriror minis that I want to base and include in future games, but those may have to wait until I get some of the other goals finished.
  Anyway, for those of you not familiar with the MechWarrior miniatures game from WizKids, it features mechs, infantry and vehicles in 12mm pre-painted and mounted on a click base. When I first got into purchasing this collectable set I had every intention of using the figures to play Battletech, but I didn't realize it would take me almost 10 years to get there. :-)
  I popped the figures off the click bases and mounted them on 2 inch hexagonal tiles from Home Depot. I also have a hex grass mat, hex terrain (background), trees and several buildings to throw into the mix. Goal 4 (playing with the new minis) has been planned for the middle of December, so the the after action report should be up just before Christmas.

(3) Rifleman, (2) Griffin

(2) Panther - Rear, (3) Centurion - Front

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