Friday, November 9, 2012

DVG's Phantom Leader Released For iOS

This looks like Red Finch's first iOS release. The app is a digital port of DVG's solo player boxed game. For all intents and purposes, it is the boxed game on the iPad screen. I believe this is exactly what they were aiming for. There are no fancy platform shooter animations or AI, but there is some nice background music and limited sound effects. At $14.99, most people who are not familiar with this type of game will probably be ranting all kinds of nasty childish comments on the app store about how 85 other apps do more and look better for 99 cents .... whatever!

This is the app I was hoping for and expecting. I was not expecting the price tag though and I fear that will deter many people which will likely make it difficult to justify further releases. I hope this isn't the case. I would like them to release all their Commander and Leader games in this way.

I have played 3 or 4 games and enjoyed getting my ass kicked in each of them. :-) The game has a few flow issues and maybe a few bugs, but these types of things are expected on a new release and it does not appear to be anything that Red Finch can't handle. The game is difficult to win, just like the boxed game and should provide many challenging hours of entertainment.


  1. I was right about the price rant on BGG. Neumann made an announcemnt about the much needed bug fix update and the majority of the discussion was about how the price is too high.

    The important part of the piece above is the update. It has been submitted to Apple. Kevin has been pretty responsive on the support page and they were able to get the first update out within a week. This update is important to fix the game to a playable status and to show an attentive support response for their new product.

  2. The much needed update is available, but there are still issues. I can actually play a full game the way it was meant to be played for the most part, but I still can't win. It is a tough game to play.