Friday, November 2, 2012

Solo or GMless Roleplaying

Recently, I have been doing a little research on solo RPGs. Some of you might ask why I would want to do such a thing. It is pretty simple; circumstances do not allow me to be as social with my gaming friends as I once was, but I still want to play RPGs. The trick is finding a way to surprise yourself or have the adventure unfold in a way which isn't obvious so that it doesn't feel like you are the player and the GM. There are a couple of options here, especially for the roleplayer who enjoys story telling games.
Mythic, by Word Mill Games, is an RPG system in its own right which can be adapted to play other RPGs GMless or even solo. This system combined with the two player game World vs. Hero, by the same publisher, can up the story telling ante considerably. Check out the solo play World vs Hero webpage HERE and see if that sounds like something that would interest you. The rest of the site has many interesting tidbits as well. I especially enjoyed reading some of the story dialogue that was generated using these systems. There are several examples on the site.
When the roleplayer uses these resources along with other resources like donjon, Ptolus or the multitude of other resources available, there is no telling what adventures may be had. While reading the World vs. Hero web site I could not help but crave adventures in all my favorite genres using that system. I am hoping to put these resources to the test. I would enjoy hearing from others or reading the adventures of others who are like minded.

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