Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Where Heroes Dare! Encounter Miniatures

With the release of Iron Ivan's 'Where Heroes Dare!', I have been trying to gather together various components of the game. I'm a little behind on painted character models and vehicles because pulp gaming is fairly new for me, but while reading the rule book I noted that I already have many of the encounter miniatures as well as a pool for more fantastic encounters from my D&D Minis collection. Below are pictures of those encounter miniatures I have dug out of my D&D Minis collection and more are certainly possible given the varied and extensive playscape of pulp gaming. I also found an 'Egyptian Toob' from Michael's I had laying around. Maybe these examples will spark further ideas in my contemporaries or at least expose them to another source of pulp gaming pieces.

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Large Rat, Rat Swarm, Goblins (Pygmies), Bat, Werewolf, Horse, Bat, Wild Cat, Komodo Dragon, Badger and Spider Swarm.

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Large Hawk, Large Lion, Panther, Large Tiger, Large Spider #1, Large Spider #2

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Scarab Beetle Swarm, Large Serpent, Large Cobra, Large Centipede and Snake Swarm

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Cat Man and Cultists x 3

Clockwise From Bottom Left: Large Robot, Shambler, Robot

These just look like something guarding a tomb or maybe something that comes alive in a museum.

Egyptian Toob from Michael's. These items look like something from the Cairo Museum.


  1. Looks like winners to me. I like the Shambler and Kamodo Dragon the best. I think the "Master of the World" had a Kamodo dragon.


  2. A good start I think. I'm sure we could come up with more gems in the D&D minis line for some crazy encounters.