Sunday, November 8, 2009

D&D In my Hirst Arts Dungeon

... Speaking of Hirst Arts and having read Dr. Merkury's comment on a Wolfenstein game, I decided to post some pictures of a D&D game from a while ago at our local game store, Six Feet Under Games. Dr. M, let me know if this is enough dungeon material for a game .....

I created a group of modular tiles for larger rooms. The extras really make a difference, but don't they always. One example layout with the pieces available.

The adventurers approach carefully.

The spiral staircase entrance.

 The altar room.

 The crypt.

 The cell block. And ... a block trap. Ooooh nice!

 Doh, and another one. This time it got someone.

 This can't be good!

A rolling boulder trap like in Indiana Jones.

 Bar fight!

 Another entrance or tansition piece with a well.


  1. Wow....nice stuff. Wish I had the time to the Hirst thing myself.

  2. Hey Eric. How goes it. I haven't heard from you in a while. Things ok in Texas?

    I wish I had the time too. Those pics are 2 years old. :-)

  3. This is cool. I was just thinking about the fact that I hadn't seen these completed.

    This looks great! I hope I can make it to the store to play a Wolfenstein or D&D game with them.

  4. Texas is Texas. The area really sucks for gaming though.

    "It may not be hell, but I can see it from here." ;)