Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mythical Mayan Temple by JBMallus

I have been a long time Hirst Arts fan and recently went on the Hirst Arts discussion board to do some catching up. I happen to notice a Mayan Temple designed and built by JBMallus and was sufficiently impressed enough that I had to share it here. The original posting is here with a much better picture. This would make an excellent Pulp center piece amongst other things.


  1. Very cool stuff. When are you finishing that dungeon :) We need a Wolfenstein Game!


  2. I think there is plenty done to host a game. I'll post a picture to the discussion board showing what I have available. I will probably never be done building that black hole ... :-)

  3. I got to looking at the pics and decided to do a blog entry instead of posting to the discussion board.