Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Gaming Goals

I work better if I have a clear set of objectives to be completed in a set amount of time. I suppose I get a feeling of accomplishment from marking completed items off of a list and depending on the goal I may also get the added benefit of new gaming materials. Certainly the list of goals must be attainable and given my current work requirements I may have to keep the list somewhat short for it to be realistically attainable.

Disposable Heroes German Regular Platoon
This is probably the biggest project I want to accomplish this year. My U.S. paratroopers have been finished for years and I can never host an entire game at my place with only one force. I have had the miniatures to do this for years as well, but being away from home for work purposes for up to a year at a time has really put a hurting on my gaming production.

G01 - By the end of 2010 have a German WWII platoon for DH&C7B either by painting the figures I have or by purchasing an already painted force. Obviously I am leaving myself an out here, but the actual possession of said platoon for the purposes of playing the game is more important to me than actually painting them myself.

G02 - Host at least 1 game using the U.S. and German forces.

At the end of 2002 I was getting a serious jones for some heavy Battletech action and decided to purchase some miniatures and terrain to start playing again. I noticed WizKids had come out with a new game that used collectable Battletech figures that came painted out of the box but they were not 6mm scale like the original Battletech and Iron Wind metals was re-releasing many miniatures in the original scale as well. This was definitely a great time to get back into it. I chose the Mechwarrior path and have had the intent all these years of using the pre-painted minis to play Battletech. I have attempted to use them on several occasions over the years, but things didn't work as smoothly as the original hex based game board, so over the years I spent a lot of time surfing the internet for ideas and thinking about ways to use my MechWarrior minis that worked like the original game. I think I have come up with that recipe and now I need to actually follow through.

G03 - Mount a generous selection of MechWarrior miniatures on 2" hexes and finish the bases.

G04 - Actually host a game using the figures, hex map, hex terrain and buildings I have gathered over the years.

G05 - Build the 15mm hangar I purchased at Historicon last year.

Finish Mounting HeroClix Minis for Supers
In 2008 Mongo and Doc Merkury were responsible for introducing me to the world of Supers. Of course I wanted my own setup once I got into it and have been collecting vehicles, buildings and minis to use for such a game.

G06 - Finish basing a generous selection of HeroClix minis.

G07 - Create Supers stats for each based mini.

G08 - Actually host a game using the mounted figures, vehicles and building I have gathered.

Finish Middle Kingdom Egyptian DBA Army
Well, I have only been working on painting this army for 6 years. Its only 12 stands for crying out loud. What is the problem? Actually I have no idea, but it is so close to done that there is no reason not to finish it this year.

G09 - Completely finish my Egytian DBA Army.

A few general items have come up over the years as well and have been nagging me for completion.

G10 - Finish the bases on my 6mm trees.

G11 - Create a large river from MDF board.

G12 - Fashion bridge ends for a 28mm rail bridge I got at Historicon in 2008.

G13 - Create a set of foam terrain like Doc Merkury's.

G14 - Re-base the pulp figures I purchased recently.

G15 - Post 52 blog entries in 2010.

Well, there it is. I guess I am on the hook for some progress.


  1. It always feels good once you get a project done. Another thing that helps is hosting a game for one of the Cons, it forces you to finish something!


  2. It definitely feels good to finish even the smallest project and I agree about the con, but my work commitments put me in a bad position. I can't even commit to play a game in the con let alone run an event. Some day I am sure that will change, but for now I'll have to use whatever scraps of time I get whenever I get them.