Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fang's Flight From Justice

I finally got to play Where Heroes Dare! over at Six Feet Under Games. Seven of us played while Doc M presided. The forces of good were the Communist Chinese, Interpol and Michael's Co-Prosperity Sphere. The forces of evil were Kong Fang, The Cult of Al, Zepplin Pirates and Natives. The object of the game (at least initially) was for each side to locate "the goods" and use one of two sea planes to make a getaway. The goods could be located at one of several Dare locations including the four trucks placed toward the center of the board.

Board Layout.

The Cult of Al and the Natives disperse toward the dare locations in search of the goods.

Kong Fang and his giant mechanical menace make a b-line toward the Communist Chinese ahead in the woods .

The Interpol group heads toward a sea plane.

By now the Interpol group has made it to the far sea plane and started the engine. Shortly after that the Communist Chinese find the goods in a wooded area and things start looking desperate for the evil faction. Apparently things were not well between the Interpol and the Communist Chinese because the Interpol group saw fit to leave without the goods or any other faction.

Apparently things weren't good between Kong Fang and the Cult of Al either because the Communist Chinese and Kong Fang allied and the lumbering menace made his way toward the Natives and the Cult of Al.

Kong Fang's robot tried to use its mind ray eyes on the Cult of Al and experienced a catastrophic failure causing an explosion and the loss of the weapon. This didn't stop it from continuing to crush things though.

While the Cult of Al tried to deal with the robot, the natives didn't take well to betrayal and charged Kong Fang in the woods trying to make his way to the plane with the goods.

At this point it was 9 pm and the store was closing soon so the game was called. The natives disolved Kong Fangs forces in the woods leaving a tenuous situation. Team play had been abandoned and it was every gang for themselves . The ending could have gone several ways, but we'll never know exactly how it all ended. Maybe the stories will be told in a future adventures ...

An excellent introduction for me to these fast play rules with infinite possibility. I look forward to the next game. :-)


  1. Congratulations for your Battle report, I bought the WHD ruleset, and I am very interested to know the stats of the troops that you used, could you send them?


  2. Slorm, Sorry I am just now commenting. I actually borrowed the Cult of Al from its owner and I did not bring the stats home with me, but if you would still like to see the stats I could probably get a copy. I believe there were seven 1000 point forces on the board.