Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Pulp Vehicles

A few weeks ago one of the NL Wargamer group members told me about a local place that sells Matchbox Models of Yesteryear vehicles for around $5 each. I went over and looked through the easy access boxes and chose a few models. I grabbed a 1927 Talbot Van, 1930 Ford "A" and a 1928 Bugatti Type 44. I will have to go back and grab a few more. Apparently the remaining boxes were not easy to get at when I was there.

1927 Talbot Van

1930 Ford "A"

1928 Bugatti Type 44


  1. Very nice Ben, was this at that card store down near willow street? Let me know if you go back there.

  2. Will do. I am definitely going back. You can't beat the price. I think Roshon said he was going over. I wonder if he picked anything up.