Friday, March 19, 2010

Cold Wars 2010

I did manage to make it to Cold Wars on Saturday. Gaming convention attendance is something that doesn't happen as often as it used to. If I hadn't promised to take a young budding wargamer, I may not have made it at all. I did get a chance to finally play a game of DBA with the new 28mm troops pictured earlier in the year as well as find a few new projects to work on and a new Chinook helicopter for my 28mm moderns.

Chinook for 28mm moderns.

New Project 1: Chock full of pulpy goodness I couldn't resist.

New Project 2: I want to use this to make a pulpy derigible like the one from the The Mummy Returns. Some of the cannons might even come in handy too. :-)


  1. Looks like some cool stuff ahead! Don't forget Al as a resource, he made a 28mm scale Zeppelin. Great for all kinds of stuff, even an "Island At The Top Of The World" scenario like the old Disney movie.


  2. Copy that! Look what you started ..... :-)