Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Gettysburg Day 1

Image by Hal Jespersen, Wikimedia Commons.

After the discovery on June 30 that Gettysburg was occupied by Brigadier General John Buford's division of Federal cavalry, the Confederates on July 1 sent the divisions of Major General Henry Heth and Major General William Pender of Hill's Corps, down the Chambersburg Road to drive Buford away and occupy Gettysburg.

The battle began at 5.30 a.m., when shots were exchanged over Marsh Creek. In the face of Buford's resistance, Heth pushed on cautiously until he reached a point about two miles west of Gettysburg. Here he deployed two brigades in line, and pressed ahead; it was nearly 10 a.m. Federal General John F. Reynolds, commanding I Corps, arrived on the field at this point, and determined to engage Herb. He ordered I Corps and Major General Oliver 0. Howard's XI Corps to march to Gettysburg. Soon after 10.30 a.m., I Corps arrived and engaged Heth along McPherson's Ridge.

Our battlefield correlates roughly to the area contained in the black box on the map above. McPherson's Ridge is just behind the barn in the left portion of the photo. The Chambersburg Pike is in the foreground.

Charging Bufords dismounted cavalry.

 After trading a few volleys, the union troops pull back to the next fence line.

Reinforcements arrive for the Union troops.


The Union artillery was able to turn the Confederate left flank back to Willoughby Run while the Confederate right flank makes its way up McPherson's Ridge to clash with the Union reinforcements.

With McPherson's Ridge dividing the majority of each sides troops and the Union right flank stabilized, neither side was in a hurry to move. The game came to a draw.

A nice quick evening game that definitely captured the essence of day 1 and a very nicely designed board. A big thank you to our host.

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