Monday, November 8, 2010

Fantasy Rules! 3: 1000 Pt Orc & Goblin Army

 Another pre-painted fantasy army. I just finished basing these a few days ago. All of the figures are from the D&D Minis line of pre-painted fantasy figures and I think this army is the best looking of all the pre-painted fantasy armies I have done or plan to do. I also have an addtional 500 points for fighting the wars of Middle Earth to fill out the ranks against the free peoples. Enjoy!

Cave Troll

Characters Left to Right: Goblin Warg Rider Captain, Orc Hero, Orc General, Orc Fire Shaman
Orc Hand Weapons

Goblin Warg Riders

Orc Elite Hand Weapons

Hobgoblin Archers

Wolf Swarms 

Goblin Mobs

Goblin Skirmishers


  1. Some impressive looking miniatures there.

    Have you tried converting some of the models to create some diversity in the units ? I also use prepainted miniatures in my games but not in units or larger groups, just as solo's. Quite like the look of the units though, only the lack of different poses bothers me a little.

    Nice work and a very good looking army !

  2. Thanks Andy. I don't get as much time as I would like to do this so I sort of settle on the rank and file same pose look just so I can get it completed. Admittedly it is a compromise. Thanks for visiting. :-)