Tuesday, November 23, 2010

News: Announcing PyMapper version 5.2

 A few months ago I posted an entry about a mapping program called PyMapper. A new version is now available. The big addition is the random dungeon creation using pre-defined geomorphs. Below is the announcement from the yahoo group:

Posted On The Yahoo Group: 
PyMapper version 5.2 adds the long awaited random dungeon generation functionality. After much development (and much frustration and finally inspiration) a workable randomizer methodology was developed for the program. Random dungeons are based around the concept of a geomorph, which is a fancy way of saying "a collection of tiles that fit together." Each geomorph is 12 squares wide and 14 squares high. Each geomorph has a series of 'connection points' defined to tell pymapper how they align next to other geomorphs. The dungeon randomizer takes a group of geomorphs and fits them together according to these connection points. A sample set of geomorphs is included in this release. Users are highly encouraged to submit new geomorphs so that we can get a wide assortment of options. The randomizer can be found in the Maps menu. A tutorial file is also included in the /geomorphs/ folder where you installed pymapper.

I have created a library of geomorphs to be used with pymapper. The zip file is also located in the pymapper folder. I strongly encourage the community to send in their own geomorphs to expand our choices. Please send geomorph files to pymapper (at) hotmail.com and I will compile and distribute them.

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  1. Another new version, and a new homepage. Version 6 is available at pymapper.com now. :)