Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Downing of the Sun Sword: The Game

  Tom did a fantastic job on the playing surface. The same company that made the software for printing the mech sheets also makes a mapping program called HeavyMetal Map. He used this program to make the map. The addition of trees and hills makes for an awesome setting.
Our dropship landed near a patch of trees to the south west of the objective. As we were unloading we saw another dropship landing to the east of our location just over the ridge. The race was on.

The first turn saw little action as everyone's forces spread all over the map. A small fire erupted in a light woods near the objective and one of the mechs defending the Sun Sword crash site was destroyed. It didn't fight back so it was probably a decoy.
Our competition does not appear to be worried about the mine fields, hidden mechs and ship's weapon arrays and have run full strength to the objective. My mechs have advanced cautiously to the west of the objective while my teammates have opted for a more direct approach attempting to stop the other team from running away with the game.
The competition up close and personal with the downed ship's defenses. The communication beacon toward the upper left part of the picture is about ready to be destroyed.
One of the defensive mechs was hiding in a stand of light woods and activated just as our forces were rounding the north western part of the lake. Much to our dismay the two mechs in the foreground stumbled into a mine field and were lightly damaged and had to stop their advance giving the rival team more time we didn't have to give. 

We caught a small break when one of our mechs was able to get to the communication beacon just before it was destroyed by the other team and was able to finish it off securing 7 victory points.
One of our mechs who was watching the line of retreat of the other team was unlucky enough to receive a Gauss Rifle slug to the head and prematurely end the game for that mech. This will leave their line of retreat unhindered.

Unfortunately we ran out of time and could not completely finish the scenario, but the rival team had accumulated twice as many points as we had and also had the data core in their possession.

A great time was had by all participants and I hope we can do this again soon. Many thanks to our host. :-) 

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